Chris C. Wise, Founder & SheEO.

Founder and CEO

The Chris C. Wise Brand was founded and created in 2015 by Chris C. Wise, an astonishing Life, Style and Mom Blogger and Content Creator based in South Texas. Chris C. Wise started her online journey during her senior semester of college back in 2011 as a hobby to share her life and document her hair journey. After becoming a stay at home mom in 2013, she began documenting her motherhood journey! Fast forward years later after 100+ job rejections, taking risks and perfecting her craft, Chris turned her lemons into fruit punch and has been able to connect with women and girls all over the world on various platforms, form partnerships and relationships with top household brands and corporations such as Powerade, Target, Neutrogena, and more and has been able to build a profitable and successful business online! Chris C. Wise founded Wise Endeavors, LLC, a creative agency and umbrella of her business endeavors that utilizes social media and marketing to bring brand awareness through brand partnerships as well as self-publishing, speaking engagements and other major skill sets.


The Chris C. Wise Shop

The Chris C. Wise Shop was a dream that was written back in 2017 in Chris's journal. Chris has always dreamed on owning her own clothing and shoe line that would make women and girls look and feel confident daily. She has a strong passion for helping others and taking care of their well-being externally and internally. After years of praying for clarity, wisdom and knowledge on how to bring this vision to life. Things began working out in her favor and The Chris C. Wise Shop was born. Chris is now able to share her love for hair, fashion and more in her shop with the world. Whether you're rocking a wig or a dress from the shop, her goal is to make sure that women all over are clothed in inspiration and confidence daily. 

After enduring confidence issues with her postpartum body, she created the F.A.B. Collection, which stands for Fabulous After Birth. This line is catered to moms after having babies that are looking for fashion to fit their postpartum bodies. Our bodies are not the same after giving birth but that shouldn't stop us from looking good and feeling good. And that's the goal with this collection. FYI, even if you're not a mom, you can still shop the collection as well! :)


We hope that you enjoy and love what you see at The Chris C. Wise Shop! It is truly a dream come true and is going to be a great success! Make sure to sign up to the Newsletter to stay in the know of weekly and monthly launches and deals as well. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at contact@theccwshop.com and follow us on social media as well!